Songs of the week #4

Okay so it turns out I like country music?? Never saw that one coming! Browsing Spotify earlier in the week I came across a playlist called Very Nearly Nashville and its been on repeat ever since. Not all of the songs are strictly country but all have country vibes and are well worth a listen.

1)Thomas Rhett- T-shirt

This song just makes me want to dance. It’s so upbeat and catchy!


2) Sam Hunt- Break up in a Small Town

I really cant resist singing along to this song, its so catchy. It’s not a positive song but its very upbeat.


3)Zac Brown Band – Tomorrow never comes (acoustic)

The acoustic version of this song is so beautiful and I’m always interested if there’s an acoustic guitar!


4)Charles Kelley – Leaving Nashville

This is a sad song, and I don’t do sad usually but the vocals in this are just lovely.


5)Jason Aldean- Lights Come Down

This is just the coolest song ever really.


My 5 Favourite Apps

Neko Atsume

Neko Atsume Image.jpg
This is basically a game where you put out food and toys in order to try and collect cats.
It sounds ridiculous but it’s very addictive. I’ve had a few too many weird looks when someone asks me to do something and I say ‘Hang on I’m just checking my cats’. After a cat has visited you a few times they might give you a present called a memento.


Bloglovin image
Bloglovin’ is brilliant. I spend a lot of time online reading blogs and quite often I’m moving from blog to blog without realising. Adding blogs to Bloglovin’ helps you remember who’s content you like so you can see all their latest posts without losing their blog by forgetting to follow and clicking a few too many blogs away.

instagram pic


Instagram is definitely my favourite social media site. I love seeing little screenshots of peoples day and it’s the site I share the most on. My Instagram mostly consists of pictures of drinks, pretty scenery and pictures of my boyfriend and I’m online nearly every day.






Textratextra pic
This is an app for Android that you can receive and send texts in. I use it because it is customisation, you can change the colour of the messages and set this differently for different contacts. My favourite part of this app is that when you receive a text you can view and reply to the text without having to change app on screen.


monefy photo
I find it impossible to be organised and I know it’s important but I swear my bag eats receipts and post it notes. This app however has saved me. I downloaded it because I wanted a simple app that would show me how much I was spending in what areas (e.g eating out, toiletries, gifts). It does that but it is also so good at controlling unnecessary spending. When I set myself targets of what I’m going to spend I find myself buying significantly less unnecessary items as the app is a clear reminder of what you’ve spent.

What are your favourite phone apps?

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Song of the week #3

I’m jumping back into the songs of the week post with a couple of newish loves and a few old favourites. Enjoy listening!

Major Lazer (feat. Nyla & Fuse ODG) (Remix)– Light It Up
Okay we all have that song that’s completely unlike everything else we like and is a secret favorite. This is mine. I heard it in advert for a company I couldn’t remember so I went searching to find it and haven’t stopped listening yet.


Deaf Havana- Smiles all round
I have no idea how this band slipped my radar before now. I heard this song and then went and listened to all their albums on spotify.


Box of Light- Always You
I’ve been binge watching Helen Anderson’s videos on YouTube this month and seeing her blogs where she has band practice encouraged me to check out her band Box of Light. They’re very very cool, kind of a beachy sound and also very reminiscent of times gone by.


The Sound-the 1975
The 1975 have always been a favourite of mine and this new release from them is just so so catchy it’s been on repeat.


American Idiot- Green Day
An old favourite, I listen to a huge variation of music styles and songs and sometimes I feel myself drifting off musically. Green Day never fail to bring me back to my figurative musical roots, and I’ve been enjoying that this week.

What are your most listened to songs this weekend?

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Okay it’s been a while… I have two posts almost finished that should most definitely have been up by now, but I’ve had exams and I’ve been a little busy. So here we go just a little catch up post;
This was a perfect little find of mine at my cousin’s school fête. After looking at lush lip scrubs for a long time, and debating whether or not to invest, I found this. It is home-made, and I think you get more product than it’s Lush counterpart, which at only £1.50 compared to Lush’s £5.50 is amazing. I bought the flavour ‘Hazelnut Espresso’ because I love coffee. But they also had a bubblegum flavour like Lush.

 Whilst attending a nearby festival (a post will be going up soon), my friend and I ventured into the local town and found a record store that sold The Family Rain posters!! I guess they weren’t particularly popular buys as the owner had no idea what we were talking about at first. However he gave them to us for 5p less than the asking price so I bought one for me and one for my friend (we are both massive fans!).
The other day I had an insect bite on my face the day before an important event. I grabbed my pot of ‘Tiger Balm’, and after a few applications the bite was no longer visible at all. I rely on this product whenever I get insect bites (although it can also be used for other things) as it stops the itching immediately and you only have to apply a tiny amount a couple of times before the bite is gone completely (as long as you haven’t been itching it too much).

Sorry about my accidental break, How have you been recently?
Also, what do you think about the pinky, orange photo backgrounds? 

‘All the Best Things in Life are Free’

There are actually a few ways you can acquire music for free legally, and introduce yourself to new songs. I’m only mentioning two and both of them involve iTunes but I’m sure there are other similar services available. The first is the iTunes ‘Single of the week’, and the second is the Starbucks ‘Pick of the week’ although the ‘Pick of the week’ sometimes has videos, books or apps instead of music.

Here are some songs I have acquired through these services:
I’m not normally a Bring Me the Horizon fan, but I will admit that I like this song. It is somewhat haunting and the melody is beautiful. I probably wouldn’t have downloaded the song if I had to pay for it though as I have grown to like the song, it wasn’t instantaneous.
I love this song,and I know I have mentioned it before, but I never would have heard it if it hadn’t been iTunes single of the week. admittedly I wasn’t too sure when I first downloaded it, but if I didn’t already have the song, I would be more than willing to pay for it now.

They sound a bit like Fall Out Boy in the beginning if this song, and to be honest that sold it for me. This is a song that I keep forgetting about, and then coming back to finding it better than I had remembered it being. Definitely well worth a listen.

Okay so, the next two songs I had already heard of before I downloaded them, but even if it’s not new music to you, it’s still nice to get things for free. In the past there have also been songs by Imagine Dragons and The 1975 etc. although I have not mentioned them here.
I had already heard this song and heard of Tom Odell before I downloaded this song, but getting a song for free possibly feels even better when it’s one that you would have bought anyway.
I only got this song three days ago, so if you hurry down to Starbucks it might still be available there. I have to say this is a very good song. I was already a fan of Beck, but I had somehow missed this song until I downloaded it. I’m very impressed though.
What’s the best song you’ve ever downloaded (legally of course) for free?

Songs of the week #2

This week I have been listening the most to a pretty varied set of songs, the first of which is;
Nights in White Satin- The Moody Blues
This is the first song that is played in Dark Shadows which is one of my favourite films. I started to watch it the other day, and got so distracted by the beauty of this song I couldn’t even watch any further in.
You’ll Rebel To Anything (As Long As It’s Not Challenging)- Mindless Self Indulgence
I once heard Mindless Self Indulgence described as synth punk and this is seriously the perfect song to fit this. However if you are planning to listen to this song and you are sensitive to swearing or are easily offended my advice is that you don’t, although in all honesty you’re missing out. Mindless Self Indulgence are a very love it or hate it sort of band(I’m defiantly on the love it side), so prepare yourself, but be willing to give them a couple of listens, their music is strangely addictive.
Change of seasons- Sweet Thing
I could regret saying this in a couple of weeks,  but I’m really excited for summer at the moment, and this song is perfectly summery.  It’s also in the film Easy A I think… I’ve been listening to this song so that I am reminded not to worry and to remember to be spontaneous.
Six Shooter- Coyote Kisses
This song is so amazing I sort of feel like crying every time I hear the introduction.  I found this song on a Royalty free website  and it was the only song listed under the genres I was interested in so I downloaded it and I swear it gets better every time I hear it. It sounds familiar but I have no idea where from, and I get a sort of My Chemical Romance- Conventional Weapons Number One sort of vibe from this song. I also finally understand what my music teacher means when the only words he can possibly use to describe a song are ‘its just so cool’, because ITS JUST SO COOL!
Flux-Bloc Party
This is a different sort of song than I would usually listen to,  but I just find it a very happy song which is always nice. I heard this song on XFM recently and I was just reminded of a few years ago when I loved this song. I’m not normally that into Bloc Party, but I am still willing to admit that this is a great song.

Songs of the week

This post is my most listened to songs this week, according to my phone, my iPod and my memory.

1) To Be Alive-Brother and Bones

After I mentioned this band in my post about Bastille, I immediately rushed over to iTunes to buy this song as it is just beautiful. I have definitely listened to this song the most this week, as I literally can’t get enough of it.
2) Lost at Home-The Automatic

Remember that song ‘Monster’ and the ridiculously annoying alternate versions that are used in toy adverts?
This is that band again, I bought the album a while ago, but I started listening to it again this week,and this song really stands out to me. I think its great and the bands lyrics usually deal with serious issues in a cryptic way, which is really interesting as a listener.
3) Riptide-Vance Joy

For several weeks now this has been my most played song on my phone, I love it, it’s so happy without being annoying and it just makes you want to dance. The video is pretty weird, but the song is definitely worth a listen.
4) Love. Regret. Forgive. Forget.-The First

This is another song that I’ve been loving for ages, I had to put it on my most listened to list because quite often I use this song as my alarm in the morning, as it’s a difficult one to ignore. Anyway, I think this is one of those songs where you either love it or hate it, I love it although I’m not too sure how much I do when it wakes me up each morning…
5) Bad Blood-Bastille

I’m still on a little bit of a Bastille high from when I went to see them live, and although I don’t remember listening to this song that much this week I’ve been singing it constantly. It’s such a catchy song!


I recently went to see Bastille, and beforehand although I liked them I was never overly impressed with their album Bad Blood, I mean I liked it, it is very good, but I wasn’t willing to refer to it as perfect like so many other people were. Good news though, anything that I thought the album lacked they made up for live. My only criticism of the album was that there were moments when I felt I was waiting for the song to ‘kick in’ and it just didn’t.  Live however this was not a problem and I feel as though now I will be able to fully appreciate Bad Blood.

Anyway I’ll start from the beginning;
The first support act were called Brother and Bones and I loved them. Their sound was the perfect mix of Kings of Leon, Pearl Jam and Newton Faulkner (maybe a little bit of Biffy Clyro thrown in). I was annoyed that the crowd were so unresponsive and that some people hadn’t yet arrived as they were missing out.
Brother and Bones were enthusiastic and good, like actually good (they could play)! They have 2 EPs out here and they are well worth a listen if you like any of the aforementioned bands.

The second support act were really not my thing, not to be rude, but I just wasn’t feeling it. It was a female rapper called Angel Haze and if you’re into that I’m sure that she’s very good, and she seemed like a lovely person.

Then Bastille came on, the crowd went crazy and the band seemed genuinely surprised and pleased at how many people there were and how big the venue was, even though they’ve performed in bigger places to more people before. They played most of Bad Blood as it was the anniversary of its release and a couple of new songs, the movie clips on the screen above them were also a highlight.

Dan Smith got in the crowd and my friend touched him and was more excited than anyone I’ve ever met before.

The encore was fantastic and I always find it funny that some of the crowd think its over before the lights have gone up. They played rhythm of the night and Dan Smith had us all doing a little dance at every chorus. They finished with Pompeii and that had even the least excitable audience members singing along to the ‘eh eh oh eh oh’. It was well worth going to and it made me realise that their success is definitely deserved (not that I ever doubted them). I’ve still got Poet stuck in my head now.

2013 in pictures

I know I’ve kind of missed the boat for the posts about 2013 as it is now February… But here are my favorite photos from last year, hopefully I’m not too late.

The bridge between Wales and England

From my bedroom window

Winter Solstice at Stone Henge

Graffiti in Spain

All photos taken by me.

Lush Cleanser Review: Ultrabland

My first non music related post, ooh it’s a bit scary really. I’ll have a go anyway.

Ultrabland is described on the packaging as “A rich, soft, oily cleansing cream that cares gently for all skin types”

Firstly I would like to explain that although the product is described as oily it is not only  suitable for dry skin. It can be used by any skin type, even though you may think it is too oily for you.

When I first used this cleanser I hated it and vowed never to try it again, it made me breakout and I thought it was way too oily. I then realised I just wasn’t taking it off properly…

After trying it again I can now change my opinion and tell you that this is by far the best cleanser I have ever used. It removes makeup extremely well and removes eye makeup without any pain as well. I just need to repeat myself here it is so good at removing makeup! I know thats the point of cleansers but y’know some others just don’t do that.

*Sorry about the quality of the photo again*

It costs £10.95 for a 100 g pot, although I have a 45 g pot (£6.95) I will definitely be repurchasing the larger version next time. However, I’m pretty sure that the smaller version will last me a while as well.