Wonky Donk 2013

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the Wonky Donk festival with my dad, my sister and some other family. Wonky Donk is a small roots revival festival in South England; it started a few years ago to raise money for a nearby donkey sanctuary and has been successfully running every year since.

The Tickets were pretty lovely on their own really.

We arrived at the festival on Saturday missing the first night of bands much to my dismay. We collected our wristbands in the heat and headed down to the camping area. After setting up and drawing all over my legs in body paint it was time to head down to the festival area. We managed to see an amazing band on the main stage before there was a power cut and the next band were sent to do an acoustic set in the bar area. As the bar tent was completely full we sat on the side of the stage and were appropriately deafened by various Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash covers (not that I’m complaining!). 

The first band during the power cut, taking a walk around the grounds whilst playing.

After two bands in the bar tent the power was back so we headed outside again to enjoy the next set of bands. Two bands later and we decided it was barbecue time. 

We didn’t realise you weren’t allowed barbecues on site but luckily all the food was cooked before we got caught so we still got our meal.
After eating we headed back down to the stage area to find it completely full, as it was still sunny we placed our mat in the shade and enjoyed the next band. After a beautiful cover band it started to get dark which meant that we started to dance. The song I remember most vividly was ‘Anarchy in the UK’ by the Sex Pistols and how everything felt complete as the entire crowd jumped and danced sending massive clouds of dust into the air. The first band I remember seeing during this time were called Milk Machine, and they had such a great stage presence. Whilst they were on the crowd formed into an arc shape around the stage leaving people room closer to the stage to dance  (which I of course had an embarrassing attempt at).
Milk Machine (sorry for the poor quality, its a video snapshot)

The next band was on a smaller stage to the side of the main stage and they were called The Doghouse Boat Boys, in my opinion they were the best band of the evening and the crowd loved them. Everyone was jumping and singing and they threw glow sticks into the crowdOne of the main things I remember about The Doghouse Boat Boys was that they stuck band stickers everywhere, and it was this idea that made me so excited to see them as it meant that I recognised the name! I peeled one off the side of a pole and it now lives proudly on my guitar.

In prized place on my guitar.
After The Doghouse Boat Boys, came the band everyone had been waiting for, Quins Quinney. I had heard people talking all day about how good they were, and having never seen them before I was pretty excited. We made our way to the centre of the crowd and gradually edged towards the front. The music was amazing and everyone was singing along. During one song my friend lifted me onto her back and all of the people around us put their arms up towards me. They played a version of ‘Wannabe’ by the Spice Girls as well as the four-chord song which was all made even better by their outfits.

Quins Quinney (sorry for terrible quality but I had to show you the outfits)

The evening was finished back in the bar tent with The Doghouse Boat Boys doing an amazingly energetic set, before we all headed back to the camping area realising we were much more covered in dirt than expected (this is what happens when you’ve got hundereds of people jumping on dry ground causing dust clouds…).
A small price to pay for one of the best nights ever.

The Doghouse Boat Boys: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Doghouse-Boat-Boys/167029163331844


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