The Family Rain

I went to see Jake Bugg live, and he was fantastic! He played a lot of songs from the album he’s making as well as favourites like ‘Two Fingers’ and ‘Lightening Bolt’ which both had everyone singing and dancing.

Don’t cheap cameras just work so well in dim light?
However the real highlights of the show (sorry Jake Bugg), were the support acts. There were two support acts, one of which was a band called ‘Honey Honey‘, they were so lovely, and they signed my ticket and gave me hugs.
Β The other support act shocked me beyond compare, they are a band of brothers called ‘The Family Rain‘ and they are honestly fabulous. Within seconds of them walking on stage I knew they would be a new favourite of mine, in choruses of songs I would find myself singing along even though two minutes ago I couldn’t have know any of the lyrics. We met them after the show and had a picture with them, and got them to sign our tickets too. They were a *little* bit drunk, but still lovely guys.

The Family Rain’s new single ‘Feel Better (FRANK) was also x-fm’s song of the week, and songs another of their features in a recent advert.Β They have a new album coming out very soon, which you can pre-order on iTunes *here*. Whilst you’re there check out some of their other stuff too, you won’t be disappointed.


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