Lush Cleanser Review: Ultrabland

My first non music related post, ooh it’s a bit scary really. I’ll have a go anyway.

Ultrabland is described on the packaging as “A rich, soft, oily cleansing cream that cares gently for all skin types”

Firstly I would like to explain that although the product is described as oily it is not only  suitable for dry skin. It can be used by any skin type, even though you may think it is too oily for you.

When I first used this cleanser I hated it and vowed never to try it again, it made me breakout and I thought it was way too oily. I then realised I just wasn’t taking it off properly…

After trying it again I can now change my opinion and tell you that this is by far the best cleanser I have ever used. It removes makeup extremely well and removes eye makeup without any pain as well. I just need to repeat myself here it is so good at removing makeup! I know thats the point of cleansers but y’know some others just don’t do that.

*Sorry about the quality of the photo again*

It costs £10.95 for a 100 g pot, although I have a 45 g pot (£6.95) I will definitely be repurchasing the larger version next time. However, I’m pretty sure that the smaller version will last me a while as well.


Mother Ukers

I recently went to see a band called the Mother Ukers. They are the UK’s top ukulele band and I feel privileged to have been able to see them more than once. I was standing at the very front this time, so I have some lovely pictures to share with you, although the photos are terrible quality as I took them with my phone.

The support band were called Plastic Jeezus and they were also a ukulele led band.I had never heard of them before, but any band who does a cover of ‘Creep’ by Radiohead (My current favourite song) even for a few seconds, is a winner by me. They have a self titled song and a mini plastic model of Jesus on the drum kit, so you should listen to them. 

The Mother Ukers came on next, and they performed wonderfully. Introducing each song with a joke or a story and having the most enthusiastic bass ukulele player ever certainly does keep things new and exciting.
If you haven’t previously heard of the Mother Ukers I suggest that you check them out as they have probably covered one of your favourite songs ( Everyone loves Fire Starter don’t they?) and if you ever thought that ukuleles were boring you will realise your mistake.

5 songs that shaped my 2013

If the title wasn’t self explanatory, this is a list of the songs that meant a lot to me throughout 2013, for various reasons.
1. ‘Panic’ by The Smiths
This song was important this year because it was the first song that my band did a cover of. Admittedly it was a cover very different to the original song, but we were proud of ourselves, and it was the first moment we really got lost in the music, or performed in front of anyone
2. ‘Handwritten’ by The Gaslight Anthem
This is a song that I have cried to and celebrated to, if someone asked me what my favorite song was I would probably say this one. I fell in love with the song as soon as I heard it, I related to it immediately and use the lyrics as mottos to live by.
3. ‘Desolation Row’ by Bob Dylan
The lyrics to this song are what really interested me, I love long songs with lots of verses each flowing perfectly into one another and this is the perfect example. The way the story is portrayed in this song is so imaginative, and can be related to so many different things.
4. ‘Diane Young’ by Vampire Weekend
After going to see Vampire Weekend early in the year, and getting to stand very close to the stage I haven’t been able to get enough of this song. I love the fact that Diane Young is used instead of (spoiler alert I you haven’t yet figured it out) dying young, and I love how different it is to the rest of the album.
5. ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ by Thin Lizzy
Everyone knows this song, and I was never particularly interested in it until my dad played me this cover version which made me think of the song as having a different meaning. I then felt as though I could relate to the lyrics and appreciate the cover and the original.