Mother Ukers

I recently went to see a band called the Mother Ukers. They are the UK’s top ukulele band and I feel privileged to have been able to see them more than once. I was standing at the very front this time, so I have some lovely pictures to share with you, although the photos are terrible quality as I took them with my phone.

The support band were called Plastic Jeezus and they were also a ukulele led band.I had never heard of them before, but any band who does a cover of ‘Creep’ by Radiohead (My current favourite song) even for a few seconds, is a winner by me. They have a self titled song and a mini plastic model of Jesus on the drum kit, so you should listen to them. 

The Mother Ukers came on next, and they performed wonderfully. Introducing each song with a joke or a story and having the most enthusiastic bass ukulele player ever certainly does keep things new and exciting.
If you haven’t previously heard of the Mother Ukers I suggest that you check them out as they have probably covered one of your favourite songs ( Everyone loves Fire Starter don’t they?) and if you ever thought that ukuleles were boring you will realise your mistake.


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