I recently went to see Bastille, and beforehand although I liked them I was never overly impressed with their album Bad Blood, I mean I liked it, it is very good, but I wasn’t willing to refer to it as perfect like so many other people were. Good news though, anything that I thought the album lacked they made up for live. My only criticism of the album was that there were moments when I felt I was waiting for the song to ‘kick in’ and it just didn’t.ย  Live however this was not a problem and I feel as though now I will be able to fully appreciate Bad Blood.

Anyway I’ll start from the beginning;
The first support act were called Brother and Bones and I loved them. Their sound was the perfect mix of Kings of Leon, Pearl Jam and Newton Faulkner (maybe a little bit of Biffy Clyro thrown in). I was annoyed that the crowd were so unresponsive and that some people hadn’t yet arrived as they were missing out.
Brother and Bones were enthusiastic and good, like actually good (they could play)! They have 2 EPs out here and they are well worth a listen if you like any of the aforementioned bands.

The second support act were really not my thing, not to be rude, but I just wasn’t feeling it. It was a female rapper called Angel Haze and if you’re into that I’m sure that she’s very good, and she seemed like a lovely person.

Then Bastille came on, the crowd went crazy and the band seemedย genuinely surprised and pleased at how many people there were and how big the venue was, even though they’ve performed in bigger places to more people before. They played most of Bad Blood as it was the anniversary of its release and a couple of new songs, the movie clips on the screen above them were also a highlight.

Dan Smith got in the crowd and my friend touched him and was more excited than anyone I’ve ever met before.

The encore was fantastic and I always find it funny that some of the crowd think its over before the lights have gone up. They played rhythm of the night and Dan Smith had us all doing a little dance at every chorus. They finished with Pompeii and that had even the least excitable audience members singing along to the ‘eh eh oh eh oh’. It was well worth going to and it made me realise that their success is definitely deserved (not that I ever doubted them). I’ve still got Poet stuck in my head now.