Songs of the week #2

This week I have been listening the most to a pretty varied set of songs, the first of which is;
Nights in White Satin- The Moody Blues
This is the first song that is played in Dark Shadows which is one of my favourite films. I started to watch it the other day, and got so distracted by the beauty of this song I couldn’t even watch any further in.
You’ll Rebel To Anything (As Long As It’s Not Challenging)- Mindless Self Indulgence
I once heard Mindless Self Indulgence described as synth punk and this is seriously the perfect song to fit this. However if you are planning to listen to this song and you are sensitive to swearing or are easily offended my advice is that you don’t, although in all honesty you’re missing out. Mindless Self Indulgence are a very love it or hate it sort of band(I’m defiantly on the love it side), so prepare yourself, but be willing to give them a couple of listens, their music is strangely addictive.
Change of seasons- Sweet Thing
I could regret saying this in a couple of weeks,  but I’m really excited for summer at the moment, and this song is perfectly summery.  It’s also in the film Easy A I think… I’ve been listening to this song so that I am reminded not to worry and to remember to be spontaneous.
Six Shooter- Coyote Kisses
This song is so amazing I sort of feel like crying every time I hear the introduction.  I found this song on a Royalty free website  and it was the only song listed under the genres I was interested in so I downloaded it and I swear it gets better every time I hear it. It sounds familiar but I have no idea where from, and I get a sort of My Chemical Romance- Conventional Weapons Number One sort of vibe from this song. I also finally understand what my music teacher means when the only words he can possibly use to describe a song are ‘its just so cool’, because ITS JUST SO COOL!
Flux-Bloc Party
This is a different sort of song than I would usually listen to,  but I just find it a very happy song which is always nice. I heard this song on XFM recently and I was just reminded of a few years ago when I loved this song. I’m not normally that into Bloc Party, but I am still willing to admit that this is a great song.

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