‘All the Best Things in Life are Free’

There are actually a few ways you can acquire music for free legally, and introduce yourself to new songs. I’m only mentioning two and both of them involve iTunes but I’m sure there are other similar services available. The first is the iTunes ‘Single of the week’, and the second is the Starbucks ‘Pick of the week’ although the ‘Pick of the week’ sometimes has videos, books or apps instead of music.

Here are some songs I have acquired through these services:
I’m not normally a Bring Me the Horizon fan, but I will admit that I like this song. It is somewhat haunting and the melody is beautiful. I probably wouldn’t have downloaded the song if I had to pay for it though as I have grown to like the song, it wasn’t instantaneous.
I love this song,and I know I have mentioned it before, but I never would have heard it if it hadn’t been iTunes single of the week. admittedly I wasn’t too sure when I first downloaded it, but if I didn’t already have the song, I would be more than willing to pay for it now.

They sound a bit like Fall Out Boy in the beginning if this song, and to be honest that sold it for me. This is a song that I keep forgetting about, and then coming back to finding it better than I had remembered it being. Definitely well worth a listen.

Okay so, the next two songs I had already heard of before I downloaded them, but even if it’s not new music to you, it’s still nice to get things for free. In the past there have also been songs by Imagine Dragons and The 1975 etc. although I have not mentioned them here.
I had already heard this song and heard of Tom Odell before I downloaded this song, but getting a song for free possibly feels even better when it’s one that you would have bought anyway.
I only got this song three days ago, so if you hurry down to Starbucks it might still be available there. I have to say this is a very good song. I was already a fan of Beck, but I had somehow missed this song until I downloaded it. I’m very impressed though.
What’s the best song you’ve ever downloaded (legally of course) for free?

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