Okay it’s been a while… I have two posts almost finished that should most definitely have been up by now, but I’ve had exams and I’ve been a little busy. So here we go just a little catch up post;
This was a perfect little find of mine at my cousin’s school fête. After looking at lush lip scrubs for a long time, and debating whether or not to invest, I found this. It is home-made, and I think you get more product than it’s Lush counterpart, which at only £1.50 compared to Lush’s £5.50 is amazing. I bought the flavour ‘Hazelnut Espresso’ because I love coffee. But they also had a bubblegum flavour like Lush.

 Whilst attending a nearby festival (a post will be going up soon), my friend and I ventured into the local town and found a record store that sold The Family Rain posters!! I guess they weren’t particularly popular buys as the owner had no idea what we were talking about at first. However he gave them to us for 5p less than the asking price so I bought one for me and one for my friend (we are both massive fans!).
The other day I had an insect bite on my face the day before an important event. I grabbed my pot of ‘Tiger Balm’, and after a few applications the bite was no longer visible at all. I rely on this product whenever I get insect bites (although it can also be used for other things) as it stops the itching immediately and you only have to apply a tiny amount a couple of times before the bite is gone completely (as long as you haven’t been itching it too much).

Sorry about my accidental break, How have you been recently?
Also, what do you think about the pinky, orange photo backgrounds? 

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